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The savvy way to fund marketing your home


Don’t use your own money to market your home – use ours

Selling your home is a critical time to be savvy with your money. Especially because it offers such a great opportunity to get more money for your biggest asset. But while you’re looking at the extra thousands you might get as a price, it pays to think of how you might save money too.

Front Door Finance can fund the marketing of your home

That’s right, let us know what you’re planning to spend on the marketing of your home (including home staging, LIM, building and meth reports) and we’ll provide you with the funds to make it happen* with our Front Door Finance package. Best of all, you won’t pay anything for the first 90 days. Yep, for 90 days you won’t have to repay any of the principle and thanks to our great Agency partnerships, your Agent will cover the first 90 days of interest*.

It means you don’t have to lose interest on your savings, or load up your credit card. And with most homes selling within 90 days, it also means you’ll be financially better off. Now that’s savvy finance.

What you need to know

  • Borrow from $1,000 to $15,000 (higher amounts available on request)

  • Make no repayments for 90 days

  • Accrue no interest in the first 90 days (it’s covered by your agent*)

  • Low $165 set-up fee

  • $1.80 monthly service fee

  • 1.8% per month interest rate

  • 15-month repayment term. The first three are interest and payment free, then 12-months of monthly payments (if required)

  • $10 early settlement fee waived if repaid within 90 days

Check out our FAQ’s page for more information and take a look at our online application form to see how easy it can be to fund the marketing of your home.

* Funding subject to normal credit criteria. If your agent isn’t listed with us, not to worry, just pass on their details and we’ll get in touch with them.

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