Personal Loans

a personal loan for whatever you need
Taking out a personal loan with Lifestyle Finance is easy. Take a look at a secured or unsecured personal loan for a holiday, home renovations, a brand new car or boat loan or for something that caught your eye on trademe.

A personal loan for whatever you need

Whether you are thinking about renovating your home, deciding on where to travel for that long needed holiday, or you have decided it is about time to buy a new car, at Lifestyle Finance we might be help with any reason for a personal loan. Our team are committed and experienced professionals who are here to give you service second to none. Let us give you choice – Lifestyle Finance, connecting good finance with people.

Interest costs based on a $15k Personal Loan*



*Based on floating mortgage at 6%, 20 year term. Interest rate 17% over 5 years. Credit card at 3% minimum payout at 22.95%

the Lifestyle Finance difference

We know that when it comes to personal loans you want straight forward answers and professional advice that gives you a choice and the comfort that you are taking the right step, we deal with the lenders and take care of the negotiation stage on your behalf to make sure you receive the best possible interest rate and personal loan approval. At Lifestyle Finance we are here to provide Kiwi’s with better information for making personal loan decisions

  • If you want to roll your debts into one easy payment and also go on an overseas holiday, that’s fine.
  • If you want a car loan for a new car and you’d also like to buy a few extras for it at the same time, we can look at that.
  • Or if you want a personal loan for a TV that takes up half the wall (call it a ‘feature’), we can look at that too!
  • If you want to do some home renovations, we can help


You just need to tell us what the loan is for and we’ll find a loan package that fits your needs. It’s a simple, one stop application solution.

Let us give you choice – Lifestyle Finance, connecting good finance with people

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