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Open Homes:
Open All Hours

Could you buy your next home virtually?

We’re seeing an end to the days of visiting as many open homes on the weekend as you can, rushing through each one before heading off to the next appointment.

Instead, homeowners are checking out potential houses from their sofa, donning a pair of VR Goggles and walking through a digital version of the house, complete with realistic rendering and even furniture!

Virtual Reality has come a long way in recent years, and now the technology has developed to a point where it’s possible to view every aspect of a home in such detail that people have no problem signing on the dotted line without ever setting foot in the front door.

The future of open homes

Many companies in the real estate industry are now offering 3D tours of properties, and despite older generations balking at the idea, many Millennials are comfortable enough with the digital world to go with it.

The idea is already taking off around the world, with the practice common in America, Europe and Australia, and having recently gained momentum in New Zealand.

At the moment, a rush of new software programs are being developed specifically for the real estate industry, which will make it easier for potential buyers to view a home online.

Advantages of virtual reality

The biggest advantage of a VR open home is the time it saves, both for prospective buyers and agents. People don’t have to physically travel from one home to the next; instead they can stay in one place and view many different homes within a short space of time. 

Open homes will also be available to view 24/7, eliminating the need for agents to arrange meeting times suitable for themselves, the buyers and the sellers.

A virtual tour also gives a more honest view of the property. Up until now carefully selected photographs with fisheye lenses were the only reference buyers had to the size of a room, but with a virtual tour, they can see exactly how big everything is and from every conceivable angle.  

Virtual Reality tours do away with distance restrictions, allowing people from the other side of the country – or even the world – to view a home without disrupting their life too much. 

VR technology is about to revolutionise the real estate industry, so the idea of buying your next home online isn’t as far-fetched as you might think. For real estate agents, those who embrace the coming change will be able to take on more clients and advertise to more potential buyers.