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Lifestyle Finance Limited will share information gathered as part of this application, with selected lending providers, for the purposes of obtaining finance for you. Lifestyle Finance Limited and its lending providers will use the information they collect about you to assess your application, verify your identity and for administrative and marketing purposes. We/they may disclose to, and obtain from, credit reporting and government agencies, other credit providers and insurers, personal information about you for these purposes. We/they may disclose to, and obtain from, your employer or accountant named in your application, personal information for income and loan servicing verification purposes and requirements. Lifestyle Finance Limited and its lending providers will give your personal information to credit reporters who will hold it and disclose it to authorised users of their services. They may disclose your creditworthiness and credit history to any credit provider named in a credit report relating to your information. If a lending provider sourced by Lifestyle Finance Limited provides finance to you, it may send all documentation relating to your loan agreement to Lifestyle Finance Limited to enable Lifestyle Finance Limited to facilitate loan fulfilment. The lending provider It may also collect and monitor personal information about you for the administration and protection of such credit (including utilising any credit reporters’ monitoring services to receive updates if your information changes), and may disclose repayment history information, details relating to your account, and any payment default information to credit reporters which may hold the information and disclose it to authorised users of their services. This personal information will be held by Lifestyle Finance Limited and any lending provider that approves your loan application. Where it may readily be retrieved, you shall have access and the right to request correction. You should be aware that there may be security risks relating to the electronic transmission of information and neither Lifestyle Finance Limited nor its lending providers can guarantee confidentiality if you choose to receive any information or documents via email, and you acknowledge this is entirely at your risk. I agree that I have read and understood the privacy acknowledgment and that the details I have provided on this application are true and complete. I release Lifestyle Finance Limited from any liability for disclosing my personal information in accordance with this acknowledgement and in the event that Lifestyle Finance Limited is not so released, I agree their maximum financial liability to me for any damages, losses or hurt and/or distress that is caused by a release of my private details (if any) is limited to $250. In checking this box I agree to the Privacy Waiver statement above.
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