About Lifestyle Finance

We understand finance and we understand people.

Lifestyle Finance is a privately owned and operated New Zealand company. We know what makes Kiwi’s tick. We know that when it comes to personal loans you want straight forward answers and professional advice that gives you the comfort that you are taking the right step.

At Lifestyle Finance we are here to help Kiwi’s with better personal loan decisions. Let us give you choice – Lifestyle Finance, connecting good finance with people.

We think getting a loan should be easy. It should be something you can do from the comfort of your own home or work and tailored to fit your budget and your lifestyle. Whether you need a loan to purchase a car, boat or motorbike, starting or finishing a home renovation project, planning a holiday or wedding, rolling all your debts into one easy loan payment…whatever you need just let us know, we are here to make sure we connect good finance with you.  With Lifestyle Finance, you will find a friendly, professional and experienced team, who will go out of their way to make sure you receive the best possible personal loan in the best possible style.

Karen Jackson
Managing Director

I understand what it means to need a finance company that will actually listen and want to help. I have been there myself, I am a customer too. I learnt early on how people could change my life for the better just by listening to my needs when I applied for finance. I still remember the day I went to my bank to ask them to consolidate my credit cards (two were with this same bank) and they said no! The personal loan interest rate would have been lower than the credit card rate but they refused to budge. All the while the card payments were becoming difficult to afford. I remember how hard it was to actually find a company that was willing to help me. When I did, I have never forgotten the relief I felt and the financial weight it took off my shoulders. It’s this experience that led me in to finance and ensured I became a business that would actually listen and try to make a difference in our customer’s life. It’s what drives me each day and I make sure listening and understanding the customer’s needs are at the heart of everything we do.



Jaryd Gray
Account Manager

I have been fortunate to have some good financial guidance during my life so far which has seen me being able to pass this advice on to others. One such time was with a friend of mine that relocated to NZ. Setting up in a new country was very costly and she used a couple of credit cards to get herself through. The payments and interest then became too much for her so she came to me for some advice and help. Being new to the country, none of the banks would help her. Being able to help consolidate her cards which lowered her payments dramatically and set herself up financially when she thought there was no hope at all was a great feeling and took a huge weight off her shoulders. I understand the stress bills can bring and being able to help like this is what I enjoy doing for each of my customers.
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